Considering new Medicare changes and our regular patient requests, practice management have decided to continue bulk billing for most of our patients:


We OFFER Fully Bulk bill – As below:

  • All patients registered with My Medicare in our practice (no age category).
  • Under 16 years of age.
  • Pensioners and concession card holders.
  • Holders of a DVA Gold Card / White Card (specific conditions).
  • Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders.


We highly recommend to stick with your pre-booked appointment time.


We can only attend to 1 or 2 maximum issues during a 10 minute consultation.

  • If you have a complex issue, or more than 2 issues, please talk to the reception staff regarding the appointment/time you need.
  • This is so we can provide you with the best service and minimise everyone’s waiting time. We will address your most urgent issue first and may ask you to book an additional appointment at a later date if more time is needed to address your medical needs.

A fee may be applied if you exceed your allocated time.

    (please talk to the reception)

Types of Billing:

1 – Mix Billing – Standard  Fees (If you are not covered by the above categories).

(Face to Face / Telehealth/ Phone Consults)


Type Description                       Fee Payable Medicare Rebate      Out of Pocket
Standard Consult


up to 10 min $70 $41.40 $28.60
up to 15 min $80 $41.40 $38.60
Long  Appointment up to 20 min $112 $80.10 $31.90
up to 30 min $130 $80.10 $49.90
Extra  Long Appointment up to 40 min $178 $118.00 $60.00



(If you are eligible for a Medicare rebate the Medicare rebate is immediately refunded into your bank account according to the above schedule)


3 – Private  Patients (Non Medicare)

Any patients who do not have a medicare card will be charged a private fee depending on the length of the consult,

Standard Consult – (up to 10min) – $70

(up to 15 min)-$80

Long Consult – (up to 20 min) – $112

(up to 30min )-$130


Please do not hesitate to talk to the reception if you have any questions.